1 Aesthetics
matt, satin, lacquer or fantasy, NEWMAT ceilings are available in more than 300 colors.

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2 Quick Installation

NEWMAT can be installed in a few hours, without the necessity of a construction site or a need to relocate during the installation; NEWMAT is also odorless. During installation, the business can continue with its normal operations.

3 Practical
NEWMAT is easy to install and take down whenever there is a need or desire to make modifications, to do electrical or heating work, etc…

4 Solid
Because of its non-rigid structure, NEWMAT absorbs shocks without being damaged.

5 Resistant
NEWMAT is ideal when it comes to minimizing water damage.

6 Safety
The professional NEWMAT product lines.
(Newmat Classic : Matte, satin, lacquer ; Newlight ; Newgraphic ; Newline ; Newacoustic ; Biopruf ; Batinewline) are fireproof and benefit from the European fire classification EUROCLASSE BS2D0 and the quality marking CE .  For the United States, Newmat is a Class A material and conforms to ASTM 

7 Easy
No maintenance necessary.

8 Durable
Impervious to humidity, NEWMAT is not affected by leaks or condensation.

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9 Insulating
Impermeable to air, NEWMAT optimizes your insulation.

10 Acoustic absorption
NEWMAT increases your acoustical comfort.