2014 Los Angeles Auto Show



Photos courtesy of American Honda Motor Co. Inc., Acura Division

Specifier: George P. Johnson Designer 
Installer: George P. Johnson / Torrance, CA and Newmat USA /W. Babylon, NY


George P. Johnson approached Newmat USA with their design concept for the new Acura Exhibit to be unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The design consisted of two large intertwined, amoeba-shaped rings (approximately 4,000 square feet) using a different finish material for each ring. One of the rings needed to look like satin polished metal, and the other needed to match the wood veneer used for some of the furniture and walls below. In addition, the rings needed to be built in pre-finished segments that could be assembled in the field for the L.A. show, then disassembled and re-assembled for future shows.
Newmat USA constructed the two rings in 35 segments made of aluminum skeletons with 3‚ÄĚperimeter tubes and then wrapped each segment with either our R30/Platine satin metallic finish membrane or our custom NewGraphic printed membrane to match the wood veneer. The result is a stunning structure that gave Acura the most attractive exhibit in the show.