2013 Lumen Award of Merit to Lighting Workshop

New York, NY

Specifier: Formactiv / Architect and Lighting Workshop / Lighting Designer

Installer: Newmat Northeast Corp. / W. Babylon, NY

This new space is divided into two identical, symmetrical rectilinear spaces. Each long room has a 65-foot continuous custom work table. Accommodating working groups of any size, the shared desks consolidate almost every operation of the company in one place: design, production, and meetings. The end section of each continuous table is divided by glass walls, allowing for acoustically private offices and meeting rooms to share the same work surface. Seamless, floor-to-ceiling translucent fabric walls separate the central work areas, visually breaking down the scale of the space, while maintaining a shared environment, and allowing natural light to penetrate. Newmat installed a double layer translucent stretched luminous ceiling system which provides totally even, shadowless lighting. The Newmat system is a perfect fit for this stark white overall space.