Spotlights & Fixtures

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Technical advice on the installation of spotlights in your stretch ceiling


The installation of spotlights and other light fixtures must be handled by a certified NEWMAT installer.  If the opening in the ceiling is done correctly by a certified NEWMAT installer, it will in no way affect the tension of your stretch ceiling.

NEWMAT recommends the use of low tension spotlights:  tension 12V-power 20 to 75 watts-Class III

The spotlights must be supplied by individual transformers that have an internal heat security (see regulations in force):  power 50 VA-tension 230V/12V


Our « NEWSPOT » kits (self-carrying spotlight – NEWMAT PATENT) are supplied with a fixture that holds the transformer and allows it to be placed near the spotlight. This way the transformer can be changed easily, simply by passing through the spotlight opening.


The area containing the conductors between the transformers and the spotlights must be kept large in order to avoid loss of tension at the spotlight.


It is not recommended to group the individual transformers, in order to avoid mutual heating of the transformers (2mm minimum distance between all transformers).

We offer hybrid transformers that allow you to use either dichroic or LED bulbs.

The « NEWSPOT » (self-carrying spotlight – NEWMAT PATENT) can be installed in all membrane finishes: matte, gloss, BIOPRUF, printed, translucent, acoustic …

The « NEWSPOT » (self-carrying spotlight – NEWMAT PATENT) can be installed in kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms (see regulations in force), hallways, verandas, indoor swimming pools (see regulations in force) and toilets, all those places where you need light.

 The « NEWSPOT » (self-carrying spotlight – NEWMAT PATENT) can be taken out and re-installed.

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It is possible to install up to 4 « NEWSPOT » (self-carrying spotlight – NEWMAT PATENT) per m².