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This Newmat system consists of a patented microperforated membrane stretched by itself or over an acoustical core. NewAcoustic is perfect for high acoustical absorption for ceiling or wall applications.  With or without an acoustical core, NewAcoustic will provide you with NRCs from .50 to 1.0. In addition, you will be able to choose from various spectrums of absorption depending upon the acoustical core and the mounting type.

All NEWMAT membranes can be treated acoustically (microperforation @ 23,225 perforations per sq ft).  It provides the best ratio between sound absorption and mechanical strength of the membrane.

The absorption performance is really interesting as excellent results are achieved with low frequencies around 500 Hz. Installing a stretch ceiling is the perfect solution, since traditional acoustic absorbents perform rather poorly at these frequencies.

To download or view the official acoustical testing for each of the Newmat Product Lines, please visit the Professionals section.  Here you will be directed to the Newmat USA website where you will submit your information, receive a password, and have the ability to view or download these documents.

Acoustic membrane only with a 100mm high plenum, AlphaW = 0.45 & NRC 0.45


Double NEWACOUSTIC membrane, AlphaW = 0.65 & NRC = 0.55


Acoustic membrane + 3/4" thick acoustic liner with a 4" high plenum, AlphaW = 0.70 & NRC 0.70


Acoustic membrane + 1-1/2" thick acoustic liner with a 4" high plenum, AlphaW = 0.75 & NRC 0.90



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