Satin Finishes

Satin finish membranes affer a compromise between glossy and matte where completely flat will not work and highly reflective is not an option.  Newmat satin yields a 83.29% light reflection coefficient and is a perfect medium when compared to matte finish (80.97%) and to laquer (85.92%).

Above you can see a visible difference between the laquer finish (left) and the satin finish (right).  On the left, the reflection of the countertop is clearly visible.  On the right, the reflection has been muted so that only shapes could be made out.  A matte finish would have no reflection what so ever.


Of the 14 available satin colors, 8 can be treated with the revolutionalry BioPruf technology for hospitals, cleanrooms, and the food industry (as pictured above at the Highland Park Market in Suffield, CT).  The BioPruf membrane undergoes a special permanent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatment. The treatment lasts as long as the ceiling.  Please contact us today to verify the color you want to treat is available.