Perforated (Newline)

Newmat offers a perforated PVC product line - namely, Newline. Available in three types of perforation sizes and patterns, Newline is ideal for:

  • Acoustical performance
  • Backlit installations with or without the addition of NewLight (translucent) membrane
  • Air transfer when the application involves quick changes in air pressure
  • Achieving the look of perforated metal without the weight and cost of metal, in addition to being able to create much larger monolithic areas than metal systems

The Newline lacquer finishes are reversible and can be used, if preferred, on the matte side.


To see the available colors/finishes, see Available Finishes menu. However, any of the other available Newmat colors and finishes can be perforated upon request.

Nortel Networks 35

The concept of perforated stretch ceiling is perfect for use in large public spaces. Light passes through the membrane, resulting in special decorative effects. It has a lot of success in gymnasiums, supermarkets, swimming pools, shops and any places where a high tech look is important.

(right: Nortel Networks / bottom: Red Robin)


The PVC stretch ceiling system can create curves, angles, domes, and other various shapes.  The membranes can be installed without back lighting utilizing the dark perforations and maximum air flow to the plenum.  Installing a secondary Newlight membrane and back lighting can allow a monolithic lighting effect above which will illuminate the perforations.  Back lighting can be used without a secondary membrane allowing air flow to the plenum while still creating a level of depth.

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