Architectural mesh ceilings

The texture and flexibility of Batinewline allow you to span large surfaces without the need for heavy structures. Numerous installation and an easy to use installation technique let you create original slopes, curves, angles and shapes.  Installation by means of springs and sandow. 


An architectural mesh stretch system, BatiNewline can be used for ceiling or wall applications. Unlike other Newmat products, it can be installed outdoors as well as indoors. The membrane is a vinyl coated polyester mesh, which is custom cut to the size and configuration of your application with a variety of perimeter attachment options.  The durable BATINEWLINE membranes can endure outdoor conditions as well as weather the toughest of indoor conditions.  Tensoioned with springs at the perimeter, the membranes can withstand impact shock and will distribute the weight evenly throughout the woven strands making tears and punctures difficult to achieve.  



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