Matte Finishes


Newmat matte finishes offer the perfect solution when light reflectance is an issue.  The flat non-directional texture of the matte membranes yields only an 80.97% light reflection coefficient.  This makes for an ideal surface for bouncing light and not generating uneven illumination.  

UCB Diningcurbs-white-matt

Unlike matte painted surfaces, Newmat membranes can easily be cleaned with household cleaning products and can be used in areas typically avoided for a matte (flat) finish: bathrooms, kitchens, and swimming pools.  Typically, the matte painted surfaces would attract dirt and/or grease in these high traffic conditions where Newmat does not, and furthermore can be cleaned to its original state. 

 (Above: Apple store at Wangfujing / Right: UC Berkeley Dining Facility)

Newmat Classic Line Brochure


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