Since 1986, Newmat Stretch Ceiling Systems have provided the architectural, design, acoustical, and lighting communities with the most creative and technically advanced ceiling system on the market.

Invented over three decades ago in Sweden as a remedy for damaged plaster ceilings, PVC stretch ceilings became an ideal solution for this particular situation. However, throughout the years, its numerous technical and aesthetic advantages made it a product of choice for unlimited applications.

The PVC stretch ceiling allows you to create flat ceilings or 3D ceilings. Newmat, a ceiling which combines aesthetics, design and quality from a strong concept which allows you to express your creativity…a concept already utilized in more than 54 countries.

The system is comprised of a rail system, PVC membrane, and a semi-rigid PVC harpoon welded at the perimeter.  Using heat, the membrane is made pliable and is stretched into the shape pre-determined by the rail layout.  


The harppon engages with the rail system and over time can be removed and replaced as many times as needed with little or no damage to the membrane. If damage occurs and is within size restrictions or is close enough to the perimeter, the damage can be repaired with little or no visible scarring from the repair.

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With the ceiling components being comprised of PVC (or aluminum), the system is 100% recyclable after the lifespan has run its course.  In addition, all packaging is of recycled content or is 100% recyclable itself.


Since the membranes are made to the size you require, they arrive on site with little or no waste on site.  They typically come out of the box ready to use.  Our technicians install the track first, the membrane second, and cut in the penetrations last.  Once this is complete, they review with you the future maintenance and cleaning required based on the system selected taking into account the intent of the design.